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Friday, March 28, 2003

Draft Gore: I saw this site advertised in the box at the top of this blog, and I decided to include it in the main blog. Basically, this group believes that Al Gore should be encouraged to run in 2004, even though he has decided not to do so. This sounds like a long shot, and it is, but they point out that other reluctant candidates (Eisenhower in 1952, Goldwater in 1964) have been pressured into running. It might be true that Gore would have a better chance than other Democrats, but I still think that this is a doomed effort. Gore has made up his mind, and changing it now would make him look indecisive. He would also probably anger other Democratic candidates who have begun campaigning and raising money. Still, if you're a Democrat but you are unimpressed with the current candidates, you might want to take a look at the site. There's a forum on the site, with a variety of topics that might be of interest to you, even if you don't fantasize about a Gore campaign in 2004.
--Posted at 8:15 PM | link

Cattle Call by William Bradley, writing for The American Prospect (posted March 19, 2003). Several Democratic Presidential candidates discussed their views on the war in Iraq at a California Democratic Party convention. This article summarizes declared and undeclared candidates' views on the war, whether they were at the convention or not.
--Posted at 1:19 AM | link

The Nation also published an editorial on March 13, 2003 that sets out the magazine's approach to evaluating the candidates. The editors claim that they will try to avoid focusing on candidate fund-raising or media attention, and instead promote a "vision primary" that examines the candidates' views. They set out a list of issues issues that will be considered (e.g. "Economic and Social Justice," "An End to Empire," "Protection of the Environment," etc).
--Posted at 1:12 AM | link

The Nation is doing a series of articles about each of the Democratic candidates for President, based on radio interviews conducted by Nation Washington editor David Corn. The first candidate to be reviewed in the series is Howard Dean.
--Posted at 1:07 AM | link

Hi all, sorry to have disappeared for a few days. Here is something interesting about one of the Democratic candidates. Dennis Kucinich co-sponsored a bill that would repeal the authorization for military force against Iraq. A copy of the bill is posted here ( Note that this was introduced well before the outbreak of war (February 5th), but I believe that it is still in committee (with little change of ever getting out).
--Posted at 1:01 AM | link

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