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Saturday, June 14, 2003

TAPPED reports: "MoveOn, the 2-million member left-wing Internet activist organization, is thinking about holding its own online Democratic primary within the next month." MoveOn could easily raise millions for the winner of the primary, and it has demonstrated its power in the past by raising $750,000 for Paul Wellstone in a single day. Read the full entry here.
--Posted at 4:22 PM | link

Daily Kos has the second part of the "How they could win" series. This time, the candidate being evaluated is John Kerry.
--Posted at 4:13 PM | link

The pundits of Slate continue to be baffled by Bob Graham's candidacy. First, there was Chris Suellentrop's May 8, 2003 article titled "Bob Graham: Who is he kidding?", which asserted that Graham belongs in the Senate, not the Oval Office. Now, William Saletan has written a piece in which he claims that Bob Graham has given no reasons for wanting to be President. "I'll gladly take Graham's candidacy seriously," Saletan concludes, "as soon as he does."

Of the six Democratic candidates taken seriously by most of the mainstream press, Graham is the most likely to be demoted to "minor candidate" status. This has a lot to do with the fact that his campaign had a late start. Since he joined late, he is evaluated by what he "adds" to the race, and his candidacy has to justify its existence more often than the earlier entries. Still, Graham can take comfort in the fact that much of the media considers him a real contender, promoted ahead of Kucinich, Sharpton, and Moseley Braun, who all entered the race before him.
--Posted at 3:54 PM | link

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Hesiod of the blog Counterspin says that low expectations helped Bush in the 2000 election. Everyone expected him to be an idiot, so he impressed people whenever he sounded competent. But now, in 2004, expectations are high for Bush, while everyone assumes that his opponent will be a pathetic loser. People think of Bush as a heroic statesman, so his mistakes, flaws, and gaffes will take on an added importance. Read more of Hesiod's analysis here.
--Posted at 11:38 AM | link

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Slate's William Saletan reports on a Democratic event in Iowa, where he witnessed impressive rhetorical performances from Graham, Dean, and Kucinich.
--Posted at 3:22 PM | link

The blog Daily Kos is doing a series called "How they could win" for six Democratic candidates--Dean, Edwards, Gephardt, Graham, Kerry, and Lieberman. The first part of the series looks at John Edwards.
--Posted at 11:43 AM | link

Monday, June 09, 2003

According to the latest poll, Kerry and Dean are statistically tied in New Hampshire. Kerry has 25 percent, and Dean has 22 percent, with a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points. However, a third of New Hampshire voters said that they are "unfamiliar" with Dean, versus only one-tenth with Kerry, and 27 percent of voters are undecided. It's still too early to predict anything.
--Posted at 8:56 PM | link

Does Bob Graham have a real shot of winning? According to TNR's Jason Zengerle, Howard Dean doesn't think so. Dean recently claimed that he was the only candidate who didn't support the war in Iraq, and a Dean spokeswoman later said that he meant that he is the only "major" candidate. Graham, of course, opposed the war, along with Kucinich, Moseley Braun, and Sharpton.
--Posted at 5:48 PM | link

TNR Primary took another shot at Lieberman a few days ago, accusing him of changing his position on ethanol mandates in response to special interest pressure. Lieberman's office sent TNR a letter defending his position.

This is the second time in a short period that the Lieberman campaign has responded to one of TNR Primary's pieces. So far, TNR hasn't defended or explained itself. It will be interesting to see how soon, and on what subject, TNR will give Lieberman another low grade. They know now that anything they say could provoke a strongly-worded response, which they will feel obligated to publish.
--Posted at 1:59 PM | link

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