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Friday, August 08, 2003

Via Tom Tomorrow: Ross Perot might be planning to run in 2004.
--Posted at 5:16 PM | link

International financier George Soros is helping to fund an organization called Americans Coming Together. The goal of this organization is to spend $75 million in contested states to defeat George W. Bush. Daily Kos says Soros' support will offer some balance on the left to the well-funded right.
--Posted at 10:46 AM | link

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Al Gore has put an end to recent rumors that he might enter the presidential race in 2004.
--Posted at 3:32 PM | link

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

According to SurveyUSA Carol Moseley-Braun leads in the polls in her home state of Illinois. She also managed to beat Edwards and Graham narrowly in a national NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. She's not going to win, but things look a little less bleak for her now. Things are looking very bleak for Graham and Edwards.
--Posted at 2:03 PM | link

Monday, August 04, 2003

An article in the New York Times has the headline "Hispanics Back Big Government and Bush, Too."

But when you read the article, you see a different story:

Mr. Bush won the support of 35 percent of Hispanic voters in 2000; in this poll, 21 percent of Hispanics who say they are registered to vote said they would vote for his re-election.

Huh? Only 21 percent of Hispanic voters plan to vote for Bush, but the headline tells us that Hispanics "back" Bush. Something's not right here.

Blogger Billmon takes a closer look at the article, and reveals how misleading it is.
--Posted at 5:58 PM | link

Howard Dean is running a television ad in Texas. But why? Does he think that he can win the state in the primaries or in the general election?

Dean's website explains that they are running the ads to show that Dean is committed to running in all 50 states. But that surely can't be all. (Why pick Texas instead of, say, Florida?) Daily Kos has a theory: Dean is advertising in Texas to show that he's not afraid of Bush. It doesn't matter whether Dean wins Texas, because the point is to get his base excited and win some free media coverage. Says Kos:

Case in point, while the rest of the Democratic field scratches its head, wondering how to slow Dean's momentum (not realizing that every attack on Dean is good for thousands more MeetUp signups), Dean's team has been bold, daring, even exhibiting a bit of chutzpah.

How else to explain the ad campaign the Dean campaign will run in Austin this week, mocking Bush as he vacations nearby? Texas isn't a key primary state, and if it was, Dean couldn't win it, could he? And even if he could win the state's primary (and the nomination), he REALLY couldn't compete in Texas in 2004, could he?

Nah, Texas is out of reach. But this ad buy goes beyond that. It cements Dean as the star of the field. He fires up the base (ads in Texas? I was giddy when I first read about it!). He earns globs of free press as news programs and the cable news networks talk and talk some more about the ad.

Speaking of press, Dean made the cover of Time, Newsweek and U.S. News this month.
--Posted at 12:08 PM | link

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