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Saturday, August 23, 2003

John Kerry is planning to announce his candidacy in front of an aircraft carrier in South Carolina--a backdrop reminiscent of Bush's May landing on the USS Abraham Lincoln. Kos has a bad feeling about this.
--Posted at 2:03 PM | link

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

John Kerry will be officially announcing his candidacy after Labor Day. Like Dean's official announcement several weeks ago, this will be largely symbolic, since Kerry has been campaigning for months. It will be a good opportunity to attract media attention, however, just as Dean's announcement did.

That leaves four "unofficial" candidates in the race, and five if you count the allegedly undecided Wesley Clark. Edwards and Moseley Braun will announce in mid-September, and Kucinich has said that he will annouce in mid-October. Sharpton has not said if and when he will announce his candidacy officially.
--Posted at 5:42 PM | link

The Bush campaign is attempting to get its messages out through conservative blogs. They are offering live feeds from the Bush campaign website with "the latest campaign headlines and inside scoop."

In case you are wondering, this blog will not be using the live feeds.
--Posted at 5:33 PM | link

A new political action committee called Fair and Balanced PAC is starting a campaign to "recall" Bush in 2004 by not reelecting him. On Thursday, they are planning to launch the website

"What we hope to do is to remind people that all of the things that are being said about Gray Davis as the reasons for the recall can be applied to George Bush," [Democratic political consultant Mike] Lux said Wednesday. "For example, they say Davis turned big surpluses into deficits in a matter of a couple of years. That's the same thing that happened with George Bush."

The name of this PAC is almost certainly inspired by FOX News' lawsuit against humorist Al Franken. FOX claims that "Fair and Balanced" is a trademark and they are trying to stop Franken from using the words in the title of his upcoming book: "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right." Several liberal-leaning blogs, including CounterSpin, This Modern World, Eschaton, and Daily Kos have started using the slogan to annoy FOX, and Fair and Balanced PAC no doubt has the same intentions.
--Posted at 5:26 PM | link

Monday, August 18, 2003

Howard Dean has suggested that he might follow President Bush's lead in rejecting public financing for his primary campaign. This would free him from spending limits, but it would deny him federal matching funds. Dean had pledged earlier that he would accept the public financing system, but he is not yet bound to it because he has not accepted any public money. The question is: which option would bring more money to the Dean campaign? The federal limit for the primary season is about $45 million dollars, and Dean has raised only $10.5 million in the first two quarters, so he has a long way to go before opting out of the system could be profitable.
--Posted at 2:34 PM | link

Even though Wesley Clark is not officially running for president, the group is running a television ad in support of the retired general. This group has no official contact with Clark, and they are funding the ad with private donations. On Sunday, Clark said that his decision would come in two to three weeks.
--Posted at 2:12 PM | link

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